Nutsy the Squirrel tries to add reasonableness to the situations Egg gets them into though sadly that's sometimes impossible to do.  He is also keeper of the seven nuts which are generally needed any time an item needs to be purchased for the quest they are on.  The seven nuts somehow magically replenish themselves after being used.  Presumably Nutsy eats them on occasion though we never actually see that.


Egg is well... odd.  He doesn't have a mouth but he speaks.  He doesn't have eyes but he uses glasses.  He doesn't have ears to hold the glasses up yet they stay up.  And he has feet.  As I said, odd.


Greedy, who prefers to go by the alias "Honest Doc" or just "Doc" for short particularly when law enforcement takes an interest in him, is more or less the leader of the dwarves simply because (1) it's easier to con if you are in charge and (2) by and large the rest of the dwarves have no leadership skills. Not that Doc is top notch in that regard.

Doc would love to sell you an item whether he owns it or not, but will not generally harm you unless somebody shows him how to make a quick buck off of it.

That parcel for real estate he is currently pushing for example is idyllic, but unfortunately belongs to the wood elves who have no desire to sell it.  Doc considers that to be a minor problem.


Bogey is a reasonable mechanic, he knows his way around an engine room, less so around a golf course. His handicap depends on whether anybody watches him move the ball with his foot. In any case if you can persuade him to actually work he is one of the more competent dwarves you can put on the job. That isn't saying much.


Salty is a sailor and actually a pretty competent one. If you need your ship piloted safely through stormy seas he's the one you want to do it. Cussing the whole time of course, hence his name. He wasn't named after the briny deep.


Everybody agrees that when Ditsy was younger and had hair he was a blond. What they can't figure out is how someone that stupid lived long enough to go bald.

No matter what the task, Ditsy finds the quickest route to screw it up. Want something done? Have Ditsy be somewhere else. Of course he'll screw that up too.


Lazy is just as stupid as Ditsy but in his case he is also has little motivation to do anything so his stupidity is not as visible. Give him enough time he will produce results as bad as Ditsy. Put them together and you have the dynamic duo of dysfunction.

If you absolutely want something screwed up as badly as possible assign these two to the task.


Zwen is what passes for the dwarve's warrior. He can hold his own against small furry animals... sometimes. it depends on their level of fierceness. Field mice usually yes, dungeon rats... he'll get back to you on those.

He talks a good fight, you're better off not having to put his actual fighting skills to the test.


Nefarious is a student of the black arts. He's a magic user, and a pretty good one, he's probably the smartest of the dwarves. While Nefarious isn't evil, let's just say he's not weighed down with moral decisions when he does something.

If someone persuades Doc he can make a quick buck selling your kidneys that would probably be Nefarious.


Tiny is Zwen's squire, and generally acts as bagman for the group. while they call him Tiny as a joke his dwarf mother named him after his father and he despises the name "Milkman" so Tiny it is.

Tiny is unassuming which is good since his intellect is nothing to talk about, and he likes hanging around with the dwarves since Lazy and Ditsy make him look like a genius.


At least she's not blue ;)

Dwarfette is the barmaid where the boys usually hang out to drink grog. She stays totally unimpressed with their stories of how they saved the day, and gives them pointed reminders about the need to pay their bar bill which they usually ignore.

On rare occasions she can be persuaded to go on a quest with them.

Very rare occasions


Bananaman's sole superpower is wearing a banana suit. He also has the brains of a banana to match. Nobody has had the time to check the genealogy, but it is strongly suspected that Bananaman, Ditsy, and Lazy share a common ancestor.

Hot Chick

Bananaman asked for a Hot Chick for a side kick. Apparently he should have been more specific.

Hot Chick's actual gender is unknown, and since it isn't in the habit of wearing clothes it's going to stay that way.